June 17-25, 2017

Rochester, Minnesota’s vibrancy and friendliness are on full display each June at Rochesterfest, one of the state’s most beloved summer festivals.

Since the first Rochesterfest in 1983, the family-friendly festival has combined tradition and innovation to provide attendees with an “only in Rochester” experience.

“We’re a friendly, welcoming community with diverse interests, and Rochesterfest is no different. We want to celebrate what we’re all about,” says Rochesterfest Executive Director Brent Ackerman. “If a visitor from out of town came to several Rochesterfest events, they’d get a good view of what Rochester has to offer.”

This year’s Rochesterfest, which runs June 17 – 25, features 70 events held at Soldiers Field Park and other sites around town. Annual favorites include the Rochesterfest Grand Parade (Sat., June 24 at 2 p.m., starting at 6th St. SW), the Medallion Treasure Hunt (with a $1,000 prize), and several live concerts.

Other activities planned for this year include a triathlon, a waterski show, a video game tournament, a bean bag tournament, a family fun night, a hangar dance at the airport, bubbleball, free trolley rides, and a hot air balloon launch.

Many popular events are held every year and have become community traditions, Ackerman says. However, he and his team continue to “reinvent” Rochesterfest each year as well, adding different activities that appeal to all ages and all interests.

“If you asked 100 people what Rochesterfest is to them, you might get 100 different answers,” Ackerman says. “Rochesterfest’s uniqueness is its variety.”

For a full schedule of Rochesterfest events, visit www.rochesterfest.com